The pioneer in preparation technique

The company was founded in Berlin on August 1st, 1920 by Wilhelm Hugo Drendel and Fritz Zweiling. 
During the first years, Drendel + Zweiling focused on the production and distribution of special dental instruments. 
However, it was not long before the company started intense research into the production of diamond instruments.

With the invention of the galvanic coating process in 1932, Drendel + Zweiling’s constant strive for improvement was crowned with success. Drendel + Zweiling became a pioneer in the production of advanced dental diamond instruments.

Further milestones in the development of dentistry:

Drendel + Zweiling has always been customer orientated and therefore constantly extended their range for the dental practice and laboratory.

Today, the instrument range includes the following products: 
• diamond instruments and discs
• tungsten carbide burs and finishers
• surgical instruments
• ceramic abrasives
• polishers
• instrument sets
• bur blocks
• diamond coated forceps
• instruments for ENT and neurosurgery

Quality policy

Tradition, innovation, precision and above all sustainable quality – these are the values that our company has been based on since 1920, and they are reflected in all our ideas, products and services.


In everything we do, we focus on our customers and their needs and expectations. Compliance with all applicable requirements is a matter of course to us. This applies equally to the requests of our customers and regulatory requirements. Thanks to the close cooperation with our partners, we can develop innovative, high-quality solutions for our customers and patients at all times.


At Drendel + Zweiling, quality is not a coincidence, but the result of a dedicated, holistic quality management that applies to all processes at the company. The prevention of errors is always given priority over the detection and correction of errors. Based on this philosophy, we are committed and dedicated to continuously optimizing our processes and to maintaining the effectiveness of our quality management system.


Our quality policy is reviewed and reassessed once a year by our management to ensure its continuing appropriateness.

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